Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 Review

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Interactive Remote Control R2 D2: This Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 is one of the best Star Wars toys to hit the market as of yet.

R2 D2 was one of the most popular characters in the old Star Wars movies and with the release of the next segment in the Star Wars saga the popularity of the characters has a totally new audience.

A lot of these are children love for the characters to be real and with this interactive droid they can feel as if some of the story had really come to life.

Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 In Depth

The Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 has several preprogrammed commands that allows children to manuever the toy around just like in the movies.

Children can use the remote control to instantly commands to the toy.

There are ten buttons on this toy that can be programmed for over 1,000 action combinations.

The responses that are given by the robot are voice activated, so whatever command is given is what the toy will do.


Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 Interaction

The Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 can move in many different directions, such as backwards forwards and from side to side.

Its head even moves in coordination with whatever actions and sounds it is performing, just like R2 D2 in the movie.

One of the most memorable parts of the very first Star Wars movie was when R2 D2 was projecting Princess Leah’s image for Luke and Obi Wan to see.

Well, this product can actually project her image on a wall, so all your young Jedis can hear her call for help.

This product is packed with great features that are sure to delight any child.

The droid is 19×18.5×11.9 inches so it is not so big that children cannot handle it easily.

It also will not knock everything in the house over during their play time.

Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 Feautures

The item weighs 9 pounds total, again not overly large. Recommended ages for this product is 4 and up, so any Star Wars fan no matter how old can enjoy this just as much as a child.

As stated earlier there are a lot of advanced features packed into this product.

That being said it does cost more than the regular toys offered in the Star Wars line, $214.99 to be exact.


However, the product is well made, has a lot of great features and will add a lot of fun to any child’s adventures.

In order to run this product you will need 6 AA batteries for the robot alone and then you will need 2 more AA batteries for the remote.

This item can be ordered online at a number of different retailers including the Amazon website.

There are other Star Wars items being put out at later dates but for now I would definitely say that the Interactive Remote Control R2 D2 is the top of the line for Star Wars toys or, for the collector, memoribilia.

Interactive Remote Control R2 D2: Whatever the reason for your purchase everyone will enjoy bringing a true to the story R2 D2 into their home.

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ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot Our Opinion

ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot


ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot, ThinkGizmos, Remote Control, Robot , kids remote control robot, ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot: Robot toys are timeless even in your Grandpa’s day there were wind-up toy robots and on many kids wish lists you will see robots alongside dinosaurs and toy guns.

This Remote Control Robot from the company ThinkGizmos walks, talks, dances and shoots what more would could you want!

The robot is a good size at around a foot tall.

Out of the box you get the robot and a remote control unit and some ammo, the robot and remote require six AA Batteries that you will need to purchase separately.

Two of the batteries are for the remote control and the rest go in the robot, you’ll need a small Philips screwdriver to hand.

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ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot

The remote control is easy to operate and the companies recommendation of 5 years and older seem to be about right and any young robot fan of that age or older should be able to operate and have fun with it.

When you turn the robot on he says “Greetings Master I await your command”. You have to make sure that the remote is within five feet of the robot to get it to work.

Also you need to hold the remote level with the robot or above it to function properly. We also suggest that this interactive toy works best on wood floors or tiles rather than carpet.

The robot is multi-directional and can forwards or backwards or left and right. When you press the Dance function on the remote control he carries out robotic dance moves.

As well as walking and dancing he talks, for example he says “Freeze, Identify yourself or I will Shoot’ and “Mission Accomplished”

Last but not least he shoots foam discs at a very fast speed out his chest. Being foam they are soft and safe so kids can fun firing the darts at Mom or Dad.


You get 12 discs with the robot in 4 different colors so it is easy to see if any are missing. If you do lose a few not too worry as you can buy replacement packs of 16 discs from Amazon if needed.

The disc ammo is very easy to reload as well so once your kids have found and counted the discs they can restock the robot and they are ready to go again.

While this is a great interactive robot toy for younger kids older children will be impressed that you can also program the robot, this is very basic programming but it might get a bit more use out of this toy for the more technical child.

User Reviews ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot

Reading the online reviews of the ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot the majority of customers who had purchased it were happy and thought it was good value for all its functions and features.

Some users report receiving faulty products but there is a 1 year warranty and the customer service seems to be very good from ThinkGizmos.

Customers who have had to requests replacements have mentioned a 7 day turnaround.
Some parents were not impressed that it uses 6 batteries and were concerned that using the robot will cost them a fortune in battery costs.

Sorry to say this is not uncommon and many toys these days will require batteries especially interactive ones like this one. If your kids have a lot of battery powered toys we’d suggest looking into rechargeable batteries.


Our Conclusion of ThinkGizmos Remote Control Robot

This is a low cost interactive robot toy that is a good size and has enough features to keep kids happy, the shooting discs function being the most fun.

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Fully functional MiPosaur on the tall robot toy review

Before you know it, robot suddenly came from the darling of the Sci-Fi reality, we can afford the toys. Although they are still popular, but with the development of Intelligent robot toys will become mainstream in the future. Not long ago our BB-8 robot from Star Wars toy reviews, and today leads the MiPosaur.

MiPosaur as BB-8 so famous, but it has a pleasing appearance of dinosaurs, but also can be moved, also has its own “mood” and movement. So, this is a worthy buy for their children, or do nothing that small thing you play? Please see evaluation:



MiPosaur profile at a glance, is a mechanical Tyrannosaurus, but cuter. Black and silver color, with the cool blue light, sense of science fiction have no say.

Although the first impression to people feeling good, but looked at it carefully, you will find MiPosaur’s work in General. It has a heavy plastic, resulting in a feeling of cheap. Of course, considering the MiPosaur price cannot be very high, and this work is inevitable.

MiPosaur under their feet is on two wheels, which means that it relies on a Segway-like the principles to move. Static MiPosaur with two transparent behind the wheel bracket to support himself, but don’t worry about balance.

In addition to the “dinosaur” Ontology, a MiPosaur indoor GPS system also comes with a built-in track ball. A tracker ball, consistent design style, and MiPosaur and plastic sense is very heavy.

Installation settings

Like many wireless devices, the initialization of the MiPosaur is very simple, only need to be connected smartphones via Bluetooth and it can. MiPosaur itself has a controlling it and mobile phone applications on and off switch, at a glance. However, if you have multiple MiPosaur, which you have to pay attention to their connections, it slightly on the management of multiple devices are attached to the lack of tact.

MiPosaur body needs four fifth battery, and tracker ball, you need four, seventh battery. They does not have a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s a bit troubling, but still in the acceptable range. disney

Operation demo

MiPosaur the weight of large, but surprisingly agile to run. MiPosaur control very well, and moving posture is very stable. A pity is that MiPosaur does not have any collision avoidance mechanisms, improper operation, it would be bumped into the wall. However, thanks to its thick and sturdy shape, wall never let a person feel special.

If you just let it run about dinosaur standing on wheels, actually not that interesting, however, to match the track ball, gameplay is much higher. Indoor GPS built-in track ball, to let MiPosaur know where it is.

You can track the ball automatically ran and MiPosaur behind. Because the latter speed is slower than the former, so as long as there is electricity, they can keep it that way. Thanks to the GPS components, MiPosaur to track the ball very accurately.

It is worth mentioning that, MiPosaur equipped with sensors recognizes your gestures. You can cover its eyes, or waved at it, or even in clap your hands around it, the robot will make a variety of reactions. While adults may soon enough such functionality, but the kids will be bored.

MiPosaur mood

Many robot toy has a system, and MiPosaur is no exception. It has a mood such as excitement, frustration, curiosity, it depends on how you interact through the application and tracking the ball and it. According to the different moods, it emits a different roar, or walking to and fro.

This feature looks great, only problem is MiPosaur the “moods” comes and goes very quickly. A lot of times you had time to give feedback on its mood, the moment has passed.

¡MiPosaur is a very fun thing. It has a robot toys that feature, and are all doing very well. It is easy to install and control, and can recognize gestures, also has a “mood”. If you put it into the hands of children, he would have played for a long time.

What about for adults? I’m afraid MiPosaur is not suitable for a little bit. Adult toy robots have additional requirements, such as installing cameras, offers programmable content, and more. Unfortunately, none of these MiPosaur. So, if you find a MiPosaur, or let the kids to toss out.

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