Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit Review

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit
Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit
First it was the Power Rangers. Then it was Pokémon.

Now, the latest television show that has children all over the world captivated is Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

As a parent, you might not have heard of it until now. Don’t worry. Your children probably already know what it is and know everything about it.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers is a Japanese anime TV show that plays on the Cartoon Network in the United States.

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit Show

The show revolves around a specialized card game that the characters play as Bakugan Battle Brawlers.

If you have a Bakugan Battle Brawlers fan in your household, then a great toy idea is Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master.

The Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master puts your child inside the show and lets them pretend that they are a Battle Brawler, just like on the TV show.

The Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master comes with everything your child needs to successfully simulate the action they see on the show.

With the Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master, they’ll receive one belt, two special Bakugan balls, two paper cards, two metal cards and one clip.

The Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master is also designed to be portable for children who’d like to play Bakugan Battle Brawlers with their friends.

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit
Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit Pack

It comes with a special pack with Bakugan Battle Brawler insignia on it.

This shows other fans that your child takes his role as a Bakugan Battle Brawler seriously and is ready to play at any given moment.

As a parent, you want to help your children expand their imaginations and explore things that interest them.

The Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master is one way that they can explore their interests while using their imaginations to act out situations that develop in their minds.

While you may not understand their interest in The Bakubelt Action Kit from Spin Master, they’ll appreciate that you a cool parent who supports their interests.

So, in short, you’ll be cool parents. And yes, while it’s necessary to be parents, it’s always nice to be considered ‘cool’ parents by your children!

Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit
Bakugan BakuBelt Action Kit

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Best Educational Toys for Toddlers Report

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers

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best educational toys for toddlers
Best educational toys for toddlers: Brilliant is what our children can become when they grow up nowadays.

Since technology has developed a wide array of educational toys that promote our child (ren) development at an earlier stage.

Now, one-year olds have the ability to learn with educational toys, learning how to develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and more.

Your child has the ability now to expend his or her curiosity taking it beyond to investigative skills when he or she grows up.

How your child develops motor skills with educational fine motor toys?

All child has the advantage of developing motor skills with the best educational toys today, since your child learns to decipher how his or her smaller muscles move.

Any toddler will learn how to move his fingers and coordinate them with his or her eyes.

Toys in general help your child to develop patience, which assist him or her with understanding how the boy works.

That playingthing in time teaches your child how to enjoy activities.

Our child learns quickly to grasp objects, release, reach and turn objects using his motor skills along the way.

Star Links is one of the latest motor skill development toys that your child will enjoy.

The entertainment article introduces your child to a new life beyond the earth.

Your child will learn about the stars as he or she develops cognitive abilities that promote thinking.

Using colors and combining them with shapes your child will take delight in learning how to use the cognitive mind.

Early Learning Centre Star Links
Early Learning Centre Star Links

Best Educational Toys for Toddlers Colors

Babies learn from influences around them and rely on sound and visuals to help them to develop new skills.

Let your baby Lock and Rock the musical shakers to unveil his or her motor skills.

Those shakers come in four different colors, which your baby shakes the bells, tambourine, or maraca.

Your baby can make clicking clacking sounds while he or she develops his motor skills.

Shakers novelty toy is easy for your baby to lock and unlock it.

Such toy will stimulate your baby by giving him sounds and colors to enjoy while he uses his limbs to control the objects.

Babies often enjoy nature or being around animals. Your baby may enjoy the surprise he gets by unveiling the elephant inside toy.

This particular toy allows your baby to put in small toys or remove them as he pleases.

Developing fine-tuned motor skills, your baby’s hand and eye coordination will develop.

Inside the pockets, your baby can pull out toys or put them back inside.

Shake or bang the toys so that it transfers into an exploration your child will enjoy.

It comes complete with built-in handles, mouse that squeaks floral mirror, crinkling petals, elephant, peek-a-boo peanut buddies, knob ball, pockets, and the ability to play no peek as he or she guesses the game.

kilofly Musical Instruments Rhythm Toys Value Pack 10 Maracas & 10 Wrist Bells
Kilofly Musical Instruments Rhythm Toys Value Pack 10 Maracas & 10 Wrist Bells

Luke has gone off to school, which helps your child to develop manipulative abilities.

Your child is assisted in development of hand and eye coordination as Luke nurtures your child’s imagination and independency.

It is important for your boy or girl will learn the importance of button their coat, zipping their jacket, or snapping their packs.

Luke comes complete with hood, sneaker ties, rain gear, backpack, snap pockets, and slicker that zip on rainy days.

Let Luke teach your child how to zip, tie, snap, and button his own attire.

If you have, a little girl, checkout Sydney, Sydney, like Luke will teach your child about fashion.

Your child will develop skills that include learning how to zip, tie, snap and button her own attire.

Sydney comes complete with party snap shoes, jacket that zips, dress sash tie, Velcro pockets that close, coat and so on.

As far as educational toys are concerned you will find more useful info here: Top Educational Toys For Toddlers.
Discover Amazon Universe of Fisher Price: Think and Learn Code.

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Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman Review

Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman
Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman
Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman: Do you have a child that would like to communicate with you and other family members, but isn’t quite old enough for their own phone?

The Toymail Mailman is a WiFi toy messenger that will allow your child to send and receive messages with you or anyone else that has an iPhone or Android phone.

“Stay connected, no matter the distance!
Sending Toymail is a cinch! Kids simply cycle through their contacts and push a button on the back of the Talkie to message a grownup’s phone or another kid’s Talkie. It’s family voice chat that’s simple and safe whether you’re in the next room or halfway around the world.”

What is the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman?

They Toymail Mailman is the only kid friendly WIFI toy messenger.

You can record a voice message from anywhere and send it to the Mailman anytime from the free iPhone or Android app.

Messages can be recorded and delivered in your voice or a funny voice and kids can reply right back from their toy to your phone for two-way talk.

As many approved friends and family as you want can send messages to children that they love from the free Toymail app!

Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman
Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

Amazing Features of Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

Built in WiFi

You can connect your child’s Mailman to your 2.4 GHz home WiFi network in just minutes and begin sending and receiving messages through the Toymail app.

Toymail only uses WiFI, not Bluetooth, so it doesn’t not need to be close to a phone to use it.

Two-Way Talk

Your child’s mailman will check for messages twice every hour and when they hit the play button it will speak your message either in their silly voice, or yours.

Your child can reply immediately to the message right from the toy to your phone.

Voice messages are stored and memories are saved forever when you use the free Toymail app.

App Ready

The free Toymail app can be downloaded on any iOS or compatible Android device to send and receive message at any time from any location in the world.

The best part messaging is free between you and the Mailman.


Your child’s Mailman will snort, whine, howl, and growl to let them know they have new Toymail messages.

This toy is intended for children 3 years of age and up as it does have small pieces that could be a choking hazard.

It also requires 4 AA batteries.

What are the advantages of Toymail Mailmen?

This toy is great for you, your child, and any other family member who loves your child and wants to communicate with them at any time.

You could be in the checkout line at the store, interacting with your child at home, or a grandparent that lives in another part of the world, it is a simple and fun way to stay in touch with children in your life that you love.

Toymail Mailmen are fantastic for younger children who don’t know how to use a phone yet and want to be able to communicate with their family members.

Are there any Disadvantages?

The only drawback to the Toymail Mailmen appears to be that it takes some time to get it set up and connected with the app on your phone.

It should be noted that parents have mentioned that while it says on the packaging it is easy it takes a while to “footprint” the Mailman to their phone.

Final Thoughts on the Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman

Is this product work buying to your child or that child in your life you love so much you wish to be able to message them at any time?

The majorities of parents have loved this device and have not had any negative comments about it.

Children will love being able to send and receive messages with you, their grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else in their life that they love!

Toymail Buck the Deer Mailman is all about bringing families together. We connect parents to kids, and kids to their friends, in the simplest way possible, without putting kids in front of another screen.

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Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Review

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Toys

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set: this is a fun set of two remote control tanks each on its own frequency that battle each other using infra-red lasers to disable their opponent.

They both are painted in two different camouflage designs and from what one reviewer says are based on the Leopard 2A6.

Looking on Google images this seems credible enough but even though they look pretty good, it’s how good they perform that is more interesting to us.

Who would like these RC Tanks?

While you would think that these are ‘Boy Toys’ these tanks appeal to a wide range of people from kids 6 years and up including girls as well as adults.

Lots of husband and wife’s were having little battles and using them as much as their kids.

One women user mentioned that they were great stress relievers.

So we would say youngsters to seniors would enjoy playing with these tanks.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set Features and functions

Out of the box you get the two infra-red tanks that come well packaged.

These are cheap Chinese toys and we will discuss a couple of the negatives later in this review but the instructions are not very good.

The controls are pretty straight forward though and it doesn’t take long to get used to them.

You can go forward, back and left and right.

First up you need to give them a full charge to get the best amount of use from them.

A full charge will require around 8 hours.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Once it is charged you should be able to get somewhere between 20 minutes to 45 minutes play out of them before having to recharge for a couple of hours.

The two tanks can both be charged simultaneously using the one charger which speeds things up.

The tanks fire an infrared beam up to a distance of 25 meters and the turrets can swivel horizontally and even lift vertically to fire.

The tanks have a wide range of sounds as well which adds to the great play value.

When the tank first starts up it shakes into action and when the gun fires it recoils.

The game play is pretty simple and the idea is to disable your opponent’s tank in four hits.
Each time a tank is hit it loses some of its functionality.

After each time the tank is hit it has a 15 second time frame where it can’t be hit again so it has time to escape.

You can have all sorts of creative play with these tanks, setting up obstacles and a battlefield environment to play in.

The tanks do climb up slopes and are great for outdoor use.

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

The Negatives Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

You basically are getting what you pay for, these aren’t state of the art remote control vehicles they are mass produced Chinese toys.

This results in some poor quality control and some reviewers have received tanks that didn’t work properly.

They don’t work on carpet – If you trying running these tanks on carpet you will be frustrated with the tank tracks keep coming off every few minutes.

They do work fine on wooden or vinyl floors and in the outdoors though.

Conclusion Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set

Infra-red Laser Battle Tank Set
: these tanks have great play value and they are a great way of getting the kids off the computer playing ‘World of Tanks’ and get them interacting and physically moving little tanks around.

Dad and Grandad will love playing these and maybe even Mom too!

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Razor Dune Buggy Review

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razor dune buggy
Razor Dune Buggy: If there is one thing you can say about the kids today, they get easily bored.

And it is not entirely their fault because unlike in the past, our lives today center around technology.

To get kids off their hands, many parents simply provide them with electronic gadgets such as a computer or a tablet.

While these gadgets stimulate the minds and, to some extent, their hand-to-eye coordination, they are not enough to provide kids with an enriching experience the same way that playing outdoors and other activities do.

If you really want to give stimulate your child and give him an experience he or she will never forget then ditch the I Pad and present your child with a Razor dune buggy.

Pros Razor Dune Buggy

When you see the Razor dune buggy the first question that will pop into your mind is, “Is this really a toy for kids?”

The buggy looks like something that dads would want for themselves.
And it is not just the looks of the Razor alone that would catch your attention.

It has specs that would make any motor enthusiast drool.

It comes with a powerful 350-watt motor that can easily reach up to 10 miles per hour.

This means that the buggy can go fast enough for a child to have a fun experience but slow enough to still keep a child safe from serious accidents.

razor_dune_buggy, razor dune buggy manual, razor dune buggy sale, razor dune buggy mods, razor dune buggy go kart,

If you are a parent, then your ultimate concern is safety.

Of course, you would like your kid to have fun but not at the expense of his health or his life.

As realistic as the Razor dune buggy look, it is still a toy designed for young kids.

You must make sure though that your child is more than 8 years old and that he or weighs within the 120 pound limit.

A closer inspection of the buggy would reveal that manufacturers really went out of their way to ensure that it provides the utmost comfort and safety.

It comes with a side roll cage that will protect your child from external hazards.

Of course, the buggy also features a seat belt to ensure a worry-free riding experience.

If you are someone who cares for the environment and wants your kid to have the same concern for the earth, then you would love the fact that the Razor dune buggy runs on electricity so it doesn’t produce emissions.

It is very quiet as well so it won’t add to the noise pollution.

Cons Razor Dune Buggy

As awesome as it is, the Razor dune buggy is not a perfect product.

There are parents who complained that it is quite short so it is definitely not for tall kids.

And because it is electric, you need to charge it first before you can enjoy riding it.

Razor Dune Buggy Conclusion

Razor Dune Buggy: The pros of the Razor dune buggy definitely outweigh the cons though.

If you don’t mind the charging time then this toy is definitely something that will give your kid a wonderful experience.

You might find the $400 price tag fairly high for kid’s plaything but this isn’t your run of the mill toy the Razor Dune Buggy is something special.

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Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer Five Star Review

Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer, power wheels camo dune racer, power wheels batman lil quad fisher price, fisher price power wheels green dune racer, fisher price power wheels batman lil quad 6 volt battery powered ride,
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer: it must be every young Batman Fans dream to drive the Batmobile.

Now you can make their dreams can come true and they can own their own scaled down Dune Buggy Style Bat Vehicle.

This ride on toy doesn’t actually resemble the Batmobile of the movies, comics or TV; it’s more like a jeep.

The actual design makes it safer and durable and it does have some ‘Batman’ Graphics and features that any young superhero will love.

For instance the front fenders are in the shape of batwings and the colors of the buggy are blue, black and yellow which fit in with the Batman look.

There is also the iconic bat logo at the front of the ride-on as well as Batman cartoon images.

The Batman Dune Racer is recommended for 3 – 7 years old in ages and holds a weight of 130lbs.

There are two seats, one for the driver and a passenger as well.

With the average weight of a 7 year old being around 50lbs there should be no problem carrying two kids even if they are large for their age.

You might need to help kids decide who is going to be Batman and who is Robin though to save any arguments.

The Dune racer does need some assembly once it is delivered.

Most reviewers say that they found this straight forward enough and had it put together in around 30 minutes.

It comes with a 12V battery included that just plugs in to a wall socket to charge.

You might want to buy a second battery if the Batman Dune Racer is getting a lot of use.

If you are buying it as a gift the box does show what is inside so if you want it as a surprise gift do take this into account.

 power wheels batman lil quad, power wheels batman quad, power wheels batman car,
Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer

The battery also needs an overnight charge.

We suggest assembling it and charging first so when your child receives it they can get in it and start driving straight away.

The buggy can go in forward and reverse and has two speeds.

You can lock the higher speed option if you have a younger child and want to start them off at a slower speed.

The slower speed is an adults walking pace while the higher speed goes up to jogging speed with a maximum of 8km per hour.

The ride on also features a power lock brake system this will automatically stop the buggy as soon as the child disengages from the pedal.


Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer More

This Batman ride on is well built and durable with big plastic wheels that can drive over gravel, wet grass and other every day obstacles it also has a strong steel frame and side bars for safety.

The only thing it lacks is seat belts but the speeds are slow enough that this shouldn’t be an issue.

If you little boy loves Batman or even if you have a little Batgirl they will love this ride on vehicle, it looks great and performs well.

Power Wheels Batman Dune Racer: with its tough plastic and metal build they should get years of imaginative play from the Batman Dune Racer.

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VTech smart wheels Space Station Reviewed

Smart Wheels, Smart Wheels Space station, space station, Vtech, toy, Go Go Smart Wheels, Blast‐Off Space Station,
Smart Wheels Space Station
Smart Wheels of VTech is already a trusted brand which has gone a long way to include in its toys the capacity to teach the concept of cause and effect.

They use SmartPoints locations to hear different phrases, music or fun sound effects; while teaching the letter R and the name of the vehicle.

Any astronaut of 12 month to 5 years will love to love to start learning to send his own rocket to the moon with this space station.

VTech now have a huge range of these Smart Wheels toys to collect, they all connect together and provide great educational play.

The Blast off Space station like all of the Smart Wheels toys encourages creative play, teaches cause and effect, aids language development and improves co-ordination and motor skills.

The set comes with a small rocket that sings songs and makes rocket noises.

There is a larger rocket that they can use to blast off the larger rocket.

They can tumble the rocket ship through a black hole, take the Galaxy for a spin and get involved in all sorts of other Outer Space Fun.

All Smart Wheels Playsets use innovative SmartPoint Technology; this particular set contains 5 smart point locations.

When you drive the rocket ship over the SmartPoint it will play songs, talk and light up.

How Much for Smart Wheels Space Station?

This toy space station will be released later in the year but similar sets are priced at around the $30-$40 price range.

Smart Wheels, Smart Wheels Space station, space station, Vtech, toy, Go Go Smart Wheels, Blast‐Off Space Station,
Smart Wheels Space Station

Who Would Buy the Smart Wheels Space Station?

The Range of Smart Wheels space station is recommended for ages 1-5.

If they already have any of the other existing sets this will be a great addition as they all work together.

Boys or girls who are into astronauts or Space Ships will love this set.

Things We Like About Smart Wheels Space Station

There is plenty of room for creative as well as educational play with this set; parents should get plenty of usage from it as it has lots of replay value.

We like that all the sets interact and connect and there are additional toys to buy at a range of prices.

Things We Didn’t like About Smart Wheels Space Station

To be subjective we like to add both the pros and cons of any toy we review but this obviously is difficult to do before the toy is released.

While all of the previous space station Wheels get thousands of positive reviews online one point that we did notice is that they do seem to use up a lot of batteries if played with a lot.

So make sure that you stock up on cheap batteries if you are going to buy any of the toys in this range.

Is The Smart Wheels Space Station Worth The Money?

Currently this will be released in the fall and VTech have not revealed its price.

If it is priced the same as similar sets such as the Construction Set or Train Set then we expect it will be somewhere between 30-40 bucks.

The other Smart Wheels toys have been very well received and have been described as having ‘excellent value’.

Where Can I Buy The Space Station?

VTech Smart Wheels are a major brand and the Smart Wheels Blast‐Off Space Station should be available from all major online stores and Toy Stores this fall.

If you haven’t checked out some of the other sets in the Smart Wheels range then check out some of them and the reviews over at Amazon.

Smart Wheels, Smart Wheels Space station, space station, Vtech, toy, Go Go Smart Wheels, Blast‐Off Space Station,
Smart Wheels Blast‐Off Space Station full box

Our Final Opinion about VTech Space Station

All the other sets in this range have been very successful and reviewers have been very positive about the quality, durability and value of them.

There is no reason why the Smart Wheels Space Station won’t be another best seller.

Bookmark this page as it will be updated with all the latest news, pricing and release date of this set.

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