Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Review

Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos

In case you have ever gotten any passion for model trains you will have likely have become aware of Lionel Mega Tracks.

But this Mega Tracks model is like no train set that you have experienced before.

The Mega Tracks Corkscrew has been described as a crazy mix of slot Car, roller coaster and toy train set.

Just to be clear this isn’t a racing set you just get the one remote control vehicle.

I’m not sure if you could call it a train or a car, it looks a bit like a space ship but for this article we will describe it as a RC vehicle to save any confusion.

It comes with over 20 feet of track that is twistable so it can create all sorts of crazy layouts, your also get a charger, 1 vehicle and a remote control, as well as various clamps and accessories to build the track.

The remote also connects to your phone so you can make videos and photos and add a lap timer.

Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos Video

How Much?

Currently the price is around $99.99 but when I last checked on Amazon it was being offered for $29.26.

And yet you are best to check online to see if this has changed.

Exactly Who Would acquire the Mega Tracks Corkscrew?

Lionel suggests 8 – 15 years of ages as the age group that this would appropriate for.

This would make up a good Father and son project.

Things We Like About It

While the set- up of other railway and car racing sets is a bit of a chore setting this mega tracks set up is half the fun, designing crazy roller coaster style layouts that defy gravity.

Certain kids will really enjoy the challenge it needs patience so younger kids might easily get bored setting it up.

The RC Vehicle is really fast and like a roller coaster can climb vertically and go upside down if you get your track set up right.

We liked that there are add on packs for larger set ups and that there are two sets a green engine and red engine that run on different frequencies so can be used side by side.

You can build Mega Tracks anywhere and build anything.

If you love high speed, Lionel Mega Tracks provides with limitless speed in incredible creation of your own.

The rail system is flexible and allows you to create extreme racetracks anywhere on most surfaces.

Attach TwisTrack to almost any surface, then customize your creation with a quick twist or turn of the track.

Rocket straight up a wall or speed through a gravity-defying corkscrew – no matter how extreme the stunt!

Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos
Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos

Things We Did Not Like About It

The instructions are very small and fairly complicated.

Nevertheless there are plenty of videos online which should help in building your track.

Once you get to grips with how to assemble it you can start making lots of different designs.

Some reviewers mentioned the RC vehicle didn’t always stay on the track but with trial and error you will find what set ups work – it’s all about physics!

Meaning you will sure have more fun with this great toy.

The battery is not included – You’ll need a 9V battery to get this to work.

Is It Worth The Money?

There is plenty of value in this railway set as there are so many variations of the track you can build.

It will need a child with patience to make the most of this but if your child enjoys railways or roller coasters and is interested in experimenting and to a degree engineering then this would be a toy that they will use a great deal.

Some dads would love this set as well!

Where Can I Buy It?

The Mega Tracks Corkscrew is available from stores online. Amazon stock both the red and green engine versions.

Final Thoughts Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos

A challenging but fun toy, this will appeal to the older end of the spectrum and some Dads will appreciate this as a gift as well.

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Review of Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy

Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy
Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy
The Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy is a 12-inch man-made family pet toy, which clearly looks like the well-known character i.e. Gidget from the movie.

This remarkably smooth and huge plush Gidget is definitely exceptional for playtime and naptime. She is most ideal for caressing as well.

This pet toy is rather enthusiastic, she talks, interacts, and makes noises when you tilt or cuddle her.

She looks darn beautiful, cute, and charming, for this reason she can be the best buddy for any kids.

Taking this buddy home will reenact all your favorite moment and scenes from the great movie.

What does it cost?

Well, this pet Gidget doesn’t cost excessively. Instead, the price of this cute posh buddy is certainly economical and certainly within anyone’s budget.

The actual price of this product is around $ 19.99 dollars; nonetheless, an exclusive flat 44.5 % discount is currently available for this lovely pet toy.

Hence, if you are planning to bring this Gidget at your home now, it will merely cost you around $ 11.04 dollars.

Who Would Buy It?

The manufacturer of this charming pet toy has recommended that it is ideal for any kids, having an age between 4-9 years.

However, if you are a pet-lover, or you don’t want to adopt a real pet because of some daily headaches, then this enchanting and beautiful Gidget would be an absolute choice for you.

Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy
Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy

Things We Like About It

1. Though the product is an artificial pet, but this lovely and adorable pet toy looks so real with her anthropomorphized face, big expressive eyes, cute floppy ears, lolling tongue, and a pink bow.

If you have watched the movie, The Secret Life of Pets earlier, then you will find this product exactly similar with a favorite character from the movie, Gidget.

2. Operating this pet is extremely easy. Just you need to either squeeze her or tilt her to get her talking.

And she will immediately repeat some of the best dialogues from the movie, The Secret Life of Pets with her ecstatic and euphoric tone.

3. This talking plush buddy is made from some super soft plush materials which will entice you to hug her every time.

She also has the perfect right size to cuddle her in your bed.

4. The manufacturer of this product recommends it as a kid’s pet toy, however, any one will definitely like to cuddle, snuggle, and play with her at any time.

5. The product is a very well-made talking plush, ensuring an excellent longevity and great durability.

Things We Did Not Like About It

Well, this talking plush buddy doesn’t have any major flaws.

But still, due to the choking hazards, this product might not suitable for any kid, having an age less than 3 years.

Is It Worth The Money?

The package comes with one talking plush buddy, one instruction manual, and three button cell batteries.

The entire package is easy-affordable and pocket-friendly.

The product’s specifications and the actual product is exactly similar, and there is absolutely no ambiguity.

This pet toy has the enough punch and potential to satisfy any buyers with her design, looks, quality, and performance.

These all features make this Gidget really worthy for the amount you are paying, and it is a great valued product.

Where Can I Purchase it?

You can acquire this Secret Life of Pets Gidget Talking Plush Buddy thru the online e-commerce marketplaces.

Like, is offering the product at a very reasonable price coupled with free shipping. Just as mentioned above in this review.

Concluding Opinions

In general, this item is not only very affordable, but also this Gidget can absolutely rejoice you with her enjoyable looks and heavenly voice.

She will bring more fun, entertainment, and adventure in your home, and obviously, with her, you will never miss a real pet.

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PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset Review

PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset

PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set

PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set
The PLAYMOBIL Theme park with Slides Playset is a water park themed PLAYMOBIL game set which comes with a swimming pool, two water slides, a multi-level skyscraper, two adult figures, a child figure and a selection of cool accessories for instance a ride on tube and a life ring.

If you’re mulling over purchasing the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset for your youngster, just simply proceed reading to find out whether it deserves buying or whether or not you’re better off buying an alternative play set.

How Much?

It retails for $59.99, which is reasonable for a large scale play set.

Who Would Buy It?

This play set would appeal to parents whose children collect PLAYMOBIL sets and figures as well as parents who are looking for a high quality alternative to LEGO.

Children who love visiting water parks and theme parks will also love this particular play set.

PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset
PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Playset

Things We Like About It:

1. It comes with multiple figures

If your child has a habit of losing figures, don’t worry as this particular play set boasts three figures, two adult figures and a child figure.

Each figure can bend, sit and stand. If you already own PLAYMOBIL play sets, you can also use your existing figures with this play set.

2. It encourages imaginative play

One of the unique selling points of this set is that you can fill up the pool with real water, which is sure to excite your child, who’ll love pushing their figures down the slides, into the plunge pool. This set definitely encourages imaginative play and can entertain two or three children at once.

3. It appeals to both boys and girls

This set isn’t marketed specifically at girls or boys and would appeal to most children. So if you’re unsure of which PLAYMOBIL set to buy your child, you can’t go wrong purchasing this one.

4. It’s suitable for a variety of ages

This set is targeted at children between the ages of 4-10. Although older siblings, may also enjoy playing alongside their younger siblings.

Things We Did Not Like About It:

1. It would be nice to have multiple child size figures

As this set is aimed at children, it would’ve be nice if it came with two child figures, instead of just the one. However, you can always use PLAYMOBIL figures from other sets with this playset.

Is It Worth The Money:

Yes, your child is sure to get hours’ worth of fun playing with this particular set. As an added bonus, it’s sturdily built and should look as good as new after several years of use!

Just where Can I Buy It?

You can acquire the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set straight through Amazon, which gives costless shipping.

Traditional stores which sell PLAYMOBIL sets are also likely to stock it, although the play sets offered by each toy store will vary.

Closing Thoughts:

If you’re seeking to surprise your little one or a friend’s youngster with a present that will give them plenty of hours of entertainment, you can’t go wrong investing in the PLAYMOBIL Water Park with Slides Play Set.

You ‘d be hard pressed to find a child you wouldn’t enjoy splashing around with this interactive summer themed play set!

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Project Mc2 Circuit Beats Review

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

project mc2 circuit beats
project mc2 circuit beats
Project Mc2 Circuit Beats allows you to make music out of almost anything.

As long as an object conducts electricity it can be used to create a circuit and make music.

To make it work you simply connect the circuit board to the object of your choice such as a banana, hold the ground wire in your hand creating a return path for the electricity, then by tapping one finger of your other hand on the banana you complete the circuit and you are making music.

The circuit board allows you to select from five different sounds: piano, drums, guitar, cat sounds or you can even record your own sounds.

Product includes:

• Circuit board

• 7 wire clips to connect your choice of objects (objects not included)

• Cat ear speaker headband

• Sticker sheet to decorate your Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

• Requires 3x AAA batteries (included)

project mc2 circuit beats
project mc2 circuit beats

How Much?

Mc2 Circuit Beats retails for under $30 USD.

Who Would Buy It

It is rated for ages 6 and up but is fun for all ages.

Parents and grandparents take note any child would love to receive Project Mc2 Circuit Beats as a gift.

It is educational as well as fun so teachers would also benefit from the product whether in a classroom or a homeschool setting.

Things We Like About It

First and most importantly it’s fun for the whole family, even adults love to get in on the action.

The kit is cute and colorful, and we love that is comes with stickers that allow your child to personalize it to their own taste.

There is nothing better than having fun while learning and Circuit Beats is definitely educational.

The set encourages children to experiments just to figure out which fruits/veggies etc. will conduct electricity.

Your kids will enjoy learning about music and science through play.

Parents will love that it comes WITH 3 AAA batteries already installed.

The preloaded sounds are fun but kids love the record option that lets you record your own sounds.

We all know kids that never get tired of hearing the sound of their own voices so it’s a good thing that the kitty headset isn’t just adorable, it also delivers great sound.

Things We Did Not Like About It

Some people found that it took a while to get the product to work consistently but for some that was part of the fun.

Others couldn’t get the product to work at all.

The clips are extremely picky, and you need to be sure that they are pushed in all the way.

A good number of reviewers felt that the instructions were unclear and should have specified that in order to complete the circuit the user had to hold on to the metal part of the ground wire.

A few more people found that the headphones didn’t work or that they were too small for the child’s head.

One thing that we felt would improve the product would be a case that all the separate parts could go into to make putting it away easier.


Is It Worth The Money?

For those that were able to get the product to work it were a cute, engaging and educational toy and children and adults alike enjoyed playing with.

Despite the difficulties that some people had getting it to work, the low price makes the gamble worth it.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Project Mc2 Circuit Beats is available online through Amazon and in stores like Wal-Mart and Toys’r’us.

Final Thoughts

Mc2 Circuit Beats is one of those rare toys that are able to combine fun and learning and engage the whole family.

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NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set Review

NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set

The NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set merge basketball and Lego.

It will attract people who enjoy make-believe NBA basketball action as they gain a chance to assemble the court, form the lineup, create the NBA logo, time clock and more.

Containing 393 pieces, this full-court building set could be assembled within just an hour.

It weighs around 1 ounce and has dimensions of 15 x 11.9 x 3.2 inches.

What does it cost?

The NBA C3 entire courtroom property set draws out a real-like NBA basketball practical experience.

It includes materials found in the real court like 24-second clock, sideline seats, full court, basketball rim, 2 NBA basketballs, NBA Logo and more.

You will also find famous basketball teams such as New York Knicks, Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks.

Notable players include LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony, and Dirk Nowitzki.

The set is available online and retails between $69.94 and $ 79.99 for new units.

Who Would Buy It?

The NBA C3 Full Court Building Set is designed for both the young and the old.

Users who should consider buying the “make-believe’ gaming set includes the following:

-Young kids aged above 2 years and love the Lego experience.

– Mature kids who are passionate about basketball

– NBA Basketball fans and enthusiast

– Basketball coaches who would like to stimulate a real court experience

– Collectors seeking to grow their collection

NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set
NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set

Things We Like About It

– Quality and Solid Construction

– Easy to create and User-friendly

– Fun to play and boosts creativity

Things We Did Not Like About It

– Takes time to create especially for a newbie

– Not the cheapest in the market

– Not suitable for those below 2 years

Is It Worth The Money?

The NBA construction scores well is regard to quality, ease of setup, realistic appeal, and longevity.

It’s also quite versatile and is suitable for both the young and the old. Accordion to the manufacturers, people aged 2 years and above can purchase it.

However, it may take an hour to construct the set, and compared to other similar units, the NBA C3 Elite Edition isn’t the cheapest.

Taking all matters into account, the NBA C3 Construction which can be viewed at is worth the money and time.

Where Can I Buy It?

The rising demand for the NBA C3 Full Court Building Set has led to many sellers who operate online and offline.

The cost of the product varies from one vendor to another.

There are some sites that offer great discounts depending on the quantities bought and also free shipping to specified locations.

One of the top selling sites is which is currently selling the unit at a discounted price of $77.07 for new units, and free shipping is also offered.

There is also a collector set which is going for $ 124.99 more or less.

Closing Conclusions of NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set

The C3 NBA Full Court Construction Set aims to emphasize a real-like basketball experience.

It showcases the different components found in an NBA court such as sideline seats and logos, plus has well-known basketballers such as Kobe, LeBron, Nowitzki, and Durant among others.

The set represents some of the famous teams in the NBA that include Cavs, Knicks, Lakers, and Mavericks.

Though it may take sometime to construct the set, the speed improves over time.

Anyone looking for a fun toy that is NBA basketball-related will find the NBA C3 Construction Elite Edition Full Court Building Set worth investing in.

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EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars Review

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars Video

What child doesn’t love a little adventure and exploration?

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars
EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars
Why not give your child a tool that encourages their inquisitive minds to seek adventure and knowledge?

It’s easy when you give them their very own pair of EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars!

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars
combine state of the art technology with kid-friendly materials to help your children see and explore under the guise of darkness.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars uses infrared light, along with a microscope perched on top of the goggles to assist your children in discovering animals and insects that they normally wouldn’t see any other time of day.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars allow children to see over 50 feet when using the infrared technology.

The light is only visible to them, so they won’t scare animals or anything else they’re trying to explore away.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars are also useful in others ways.

EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars,  spy net night vision infrared stealth binoculars,  eyeclops night vision infrared stealth goggles, eyeclops night vision goggles, night vision infrared goggles, jakks eyeclops night vision goggles,
EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars

For example, EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles can be used to help children navigate their way in the dark.

This is especially helpful when they’re playing games with other children.

They can also use their EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars as a flashlight.

Or, children can use the Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars in science class.

The attached microscope allows children to see microscopic organisms like bacteria at a magnified level, increasing the value of their education.

Night Vision Infrared Goggles comes with several accessories that you child will need to make their adventure complete, including a fully-adjustable headband, a safety breakaway power cord and a battery pack designed to fit comfortably on the goggles.

Children are natural explorers and observers.

Luckily, there are plenty of things in the world for them to explore.

Why not help your child foster that interest in exploration and adventure with their very own pair of EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth Goggles.

The Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars are designed to grow with your child, so it’s not something that will be used for a year or two and then tossed aside.

No, EyeClops Night Vision Infrared Stealth binoculars are a good investment in the education of your children.

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Everything Selfie Mic With Karaoke Review

Selfie Mic With Karaoke

Selfie Mic With Karaoke
Selfie Mic With Karaoke
Selfie Mic With Karaoke: Labeled as the “selfie stick meets karaoke”, the Selfie Mic was given birth to on 1st July 2016, by Worlds Apart, and from then on it has attracted a lot of attention of the general public.

Exactly as the name suggests the Selfie Mic is a selfie stick with an inbuilt microphone.

It makes it possible for the user to create their own music videos through its smartphone app known as the Star Maker app.

Added to this, it also allows the user to sing along with other thousands of songs and post them online.

The selfie stick is inclusive of a smartphone holder and a microphone that acts as its handle as well.

On the stick end, a wire is attached that helps the user plug it into their device so as to capture different sounds from the microphone, while on the ear piece is thatched on the rear of the mic.

This product was officially launched in July 2016 through the website

How Selfie Mic With Karaoke is used?

The use of the Selfie Mic is darn easy. Simply log into the StarMaker app and select the song of your choice.

Place the device in the bracket, plug in the wires and there you are ready to perform your favorite jams.

All other functions, from here are in the StarMaker app which is equally easy to use.

How Much

The Selfie Mic goes for only $30.20 inclusive of free shipping. Who Would Buy It?

The Selfie Mic is suitable for kids above five years.

It has no restrictions and can be used by people of all ages.

Things We Like About It

a) It allows the user to sing record and share their own music videos

b) It allows the user to sing, lip sync and also perform to diverse hit songs

c) The Selfie Mic features an adjustable selfie stick, karaoke microphone, earpiece and a free StarMaker app

d) It is mostly ideal for parties

e) It comes with thousands of tracks already available

f) It can be used by people of all ages

g) It requires no batteries for use

h) It helps the users create great and professional looking videos

i) It works on both android and iOS devices

Things We Did Not Like About It

a) It is mostly ideal for music lovers

b) It is suitable for children

c) It must be used together with the StarMaker app which makes the process quite lengthy

Is Selfie Mic With Karaoke Worth The Money?

For all music and selfie lovers, then this device is worth the money.

It not only allows you to take cute selfies but also allows you to express yourself musically giving you the music star effect.

Where Can I Buy It?

The Selfie Mic is not yet available in stores as of now, however, you can order yours via amazon and have it shipped to the location of your choice.

Selfie Mic With Karaoke

Final Thoughts

Selfie Mic With Karaoke: overall, the Selfie Mic and the StarMakerapp combination is an excellent way for kids to express themselves musically in a fun and professional way.

For all the young karaoke stars who love taking selfies this is just the product to go for.

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