Fully functional MiPosaur on the tall robot toy review

Before you know it, robot suddenly came from the darling of the Sci-Fi reality, we can afford the toys. Although they are still popular, but with the development of Intelligent robot toys will become mainstream in the future. Not long ago our BB-8 robot from Star Wars toy reviews, and today leads the MiPosaur.

MiPosaur as BB-8 so famous, but it has a pleasing appearance of dinosaurs, but also can be moved, also has its own “mood” and movement. So, this is a worthy buy for their children, or do nothing that small thing you play? Please see evaluation:



MiPosaur profile at a glance, is a mechanical Tyrannosaurus, but cuter. Black and silver color, with the cool blue light, sense of science fiction have no say.

Although the first impression to people feeling good, but looked at it carefully, you will find MiPosaur’s work in General. It has a heavy plastic, resulting in a feeling of cheap. Of course, considering the MiPosaur price cannot be very high, and this work is inevitable.

MiPosaur under their feet is on two wheels, which means that it relies on a Segway-like the principles to move. Static MiPosaur with two transparent behind the wheel bracket to support himself, but don’t worry about balance.

In addition to the “dinosaur” Ontology, a MiPosaur indoor GPS system also comes with a built-in track ball. A tracker ball, consistent design style, and MiPosaur and plastic sense is very heavy.

Installation settings

Like many wireless devices, the initialization of the MiPosaur is very simple, only need to be connected smartphones via Bluetooth and it can. MiPosaur itself has a controlling it and mobile phone applications on and off switch, at a glance. However, if you have multiple MiPosaur, which you have to pay attention to their connections, it slightly on the management of multiple devices are attached to the lack of tact.

MiPosaur body needs four fifth battery, and tracker ball, you need four, seventh battery. They does not have a built-in lithium-ion battery that’s a bit troubling, but still in the acceptable range. disney

Operation demo

MiPosaur the weight of large, but surprisingly agile to run. MiPosaur control very well, and moving posture is very stable. A pity is that MiPosaur does not have any collision avoidance mechanisms, improper operation, it would be bumped into the wall. However, thanks to its thick and sturdy shape, wall never let a person feel special.

If you just let it run about dinosaur standing on wheels, actually not that interesting, however, to match the track ball, gameplay is much higher. Indoor GPS built-in track ball, to let MiPosaur know where it is.

You can track the ball automatically ran and MiPosaur behind. Because the latter speed is slower than the former, so as long as there is electricity, they can keep it that way. Thanks to the GPS components, MiPosaur to track the ball very accurately.

It is worth mentioning that, MiPosaur equipped with sensors recognizes your gestures. You can cover its eyes, or waved at it, or even in clap your hands around it, the robot will make a variety of reactions. While adults may soon enough such functionality, but the kids will be bored.

MiPosaur mood

Many robot toy has a system, and MiPosaur is no exception. It has a mood such as excitement, frustration, curiosity, it depends on how you interact through the application and tracking the ball and it. According to the different moods, it emits a different roar, or walking to and fro.

This feature looks great, only problem is MiPosaur the “moods” comes and goes very quickly. A lot of times you had time to give feedback on its mood, the moment has passed.

¡MiPosaur is a very fun thing. It has a robot toys that feature, and are all doing very well. It is easy to install and control, and can recognize gestures, also has a “mood”. If you put it into the hands of children, he would have played for a long time.

What about for adults? I’m afraid MiPosaur is not suitable for a little bit. Adult toy robots have additional requirements, such as installing cameras, offers programmable content, and more. Unfortunately, none of these MiPosaur. So, if you find a MiPosaur, or let the kids to toss out.

Source: Fully functional MiPosaur on the tall robot toy review


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